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Yoga Holidays

Learn with your personal yoga teacher, inhale tropical tranquility, enjoy daily massages and experience the gracious Filipino culture. Whether it's jump-starting your home practice or expanding your knowledge of postures, Mandala Spa is the leading yoga authority on the island of Boracay.

Our yoga vacations are a beautiful journey dedicated to you, giving you skills that allow for a healthier and more meaningful life-style. Yoga holds the key to good health, vibrant living and is said to delay the onset of ageing and disease. One of our certified yoga instructors will create a personalized program suited to your level and liking.

3 Days: Stretch and Relax

Learn relaxation and stress management techniques and connect with your body through gentle stretches. The warm tropical air and the guidance of your instructor will provide immediate benefits in the way you feel about yourself. Massages for you are an important part all yoga vacations, addressing posture and deep seated tensions.

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US$560++ (single)

US$300++ (double)

5 Days: Submerge and Learn

This vacation offers you a key to happier and healthier life. Yogic breathing is said to be the elixir of life, it is the most important aspect of yoga and the most vital process in life. Learn how to use your lungs to their fullest potential and practice Pranayama under the guidance of your personal teacher.

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US$1,120++ (single)

US$600++ (double)

7 Days: Emerge and Revive

Meditation is a most common tool in Yogic life; it calms the mind and strengthens the concentration thus enhancing your vitality. Using meditation in the right way results in greater balance between business and personal life, and will have many beneficial effects on your overall wellbeing.
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US$1,670++ (single)

US$898++ (double)

Last year, I had written a piece called “Get Away to Find Yourself” for my Working Mom column in the Inquirer. In it, I said I had found the key to a true vacation: it’s when you can get away and look within you, and reconnect with who you are and who you’ve become. Mandala Spa & Resort Villas’ Yoga Retreats, whether they be given by Mo-ching (Yip) or Karen (Reina), are Mom’s Escapes, through and through. If you’re ready to meet yourself and make peace with yourself, I urge you, book a weekend now.

Gina Abuyuan – Metro Working Mom, Manila