Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

Wellness Holidays

Wellness holidays are gentle journeys to better health. They present guests with Yoga knowledge, personal insights and opportunities for lifestyle changes. Wellness holidays are a most meaningful way of personal recreation. Cherish indulgence and celebrate wellness individually or as a couple.

We are happy to tailor a wellness and leisure program based on your ideas and assessments of your needs.

3 Days: Wellness Sampler

Yearning for inner peace is an essential human quality. Learn how to unburden body and soul for a happier and healthier life during these precious days. The focus is to provide a peaceful haven and deep relaxation with the addition of some wonderful therapeutic pampering.

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US$610++ (single)

US$350++ (double)

5 Days: Spa Glamour

To maintain vitality and prevent stress through wellness may not be the eternal fountain of youth, but it can prevent the onset of disease later on. A distinctively powerful vacation that journeys to better health and a stronger immune system without forgetting the feel-good factor that a great vacation needs.

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US$1,190++ (single)

US$680++ (double)

7 Days: Indulgence

One week of healthy relaxation can completely turn around your life. A rejuvenated you will emerge. Wellbeing and vitality are not only blessings; they are the new true definitions of personal luxury. Mandala Spa's Wellness Vacations are an investment in your future health as much as they are a beautiful experience.
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US$1,600++ (single)

US$1,000++ (double)

We enjoyed our stay here a lot. The villas are great, the service is excellent. We could stay here forever. Thank you very much for making our stay unforgettable.

Jika and Chris