Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

The Treetment Project


The "The TREEtment Project" is a part of Mandala Spa's Green initiative. We plant a tree for every spa treatment you take or every room night you book.

Founded in September 2009, The Treetment Project answers the global call for responsible hospitality business. We are taking environmental action while indulging guests in their need for wellness. By doing so we hope to inspire people to care for the planet as much as they care for themselves. So far we have planted more than 10,000 trees and counting.

Mandala Spa and Villas is designed with respect for nature and has a keen eye for beauty that pays homage to Boracay's lustrous heritage. We are committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business, the TREEtment Project aims to connect Mandala Spa's guests with nature, one tree at a time.

Mandala Spa and Villas has received the Boracay WOW award twice for its outstanding commitment to the environment and eco-friendly practices. We care for you and care for the planet.

This project is made possible with the cooperation of the government of Malay, Boracay Island Water Company and DENR.


Planting trees is good news for the environment and can be an effective way of providing a green endorsement for your brand. Tree planting may also compliment your existing CSR plan.

Consumers like it when businesses plant trees. When asked if they would be more likely to buy from a company that plants trees? 80% of all respondents answered with yes. Mandala Spa's Treetment Project offer a range of PR tools, including certification, logos, and literature to help you make the most out of your chosen tree planting project.


Tree planting is easily recognized by consumers as a positive eco-action.

  • By absorbing CO2, trees rid the environment of excess pollutants, generate oxygen, raising the bio-diversity index, are providing habitats for many different species and improve quality of life.
  • The act of tree planting is extremely positive as a starter for individuals and communities becoming generally aware of the climate change issue.
  • Tree planting is a exceptional tool for team building activities, bringing fresh and true meaning to corporate excursion.

All our current planting project are located in Malay Aklan and Boracay Island and can be co-branded with your corporate image. You are issued a tree planting certificate. printed on 100% recycled paper. Each certificate has a unique number that can be used to locate a tree planting project on our website, so that the participants can see where their tree has been planted. To view a sample page, showing tree information and photos, a map and full details of the planting location, please click here.


If you are visiting Boracay and are looking for a meaningful activity that reflects a responsible green corporate philosophy we will be happy to create a customized tree planting excursion for you and your team. We offer tailored corporate tree planting packages that can contribute to your carbon offset commitments.


While the planting of trees is not the silver bullet for our global warming woes, it certainly helps address the problem. Over the last 50 years, 66% of the forests in the Philippines were destroyed – one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. Planting trees as a gift or to commemorate special events or simply as an act of gratefulness is the greenest gift of all and demonstrates a great sense of responsibility.

For US$, the price of a double espresso, you can help make a difference in the battle against global warming and deforestation. For your US$ sponsorship we will plant one tree for you in Aklan and email you a certificate, a picture and the exact location of your tree ,If you like us to print your certificate on 100% recycled paper and mail it to you, please add US$ plus mailing fees.

Our current planting project is located in Malay Aklan and the coastlines of Boracay Island. We will plant your trees in areas most threatened by deforestation and love to see many thousands of trees planted by the end of this year 2011 to ensure Boracay's future.

  • For US$- we plant a tree in your name
  • For US$-we will plant a trove of 5 trees in your name
  • For US$-we will plant your own small forest.

For those who are visiting Boracay, we can make your vacation unforgettable by putting together a tree planting excursion. We are also putting together tree planting programs for businesses wishing to sponsor trees in large quantities and offset their and their employees' carbon emissions.

To purchase your spa treatment and plant your tree, click here.