Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

Cheryl Zh, Zhuhai, China

My friend and I spent four hours here for their spa service. We each got an individual private villa with jungle view and a huge bathroom. The whole room setting is elegant and peaceful and service was superb! Highly recommend it if you are looking into some indulgence!

Heidi and Matt, Milwaukee, WL, USA

Matt & I had such a fabulous time here at Mandala and Boracay! The staff and facilities were nice and we both enjoyed our 4 hour spa treatments. Absolutely heaven! We will definitely be returning to the Mandala Spa & Villas on out next trip to Boracay!

Foursses, Vancouver, Canada

I had 1.75 hours of massage, suctions cups and bamboo to my feet, only I fell asleep somewhere in the massage part and missed my feet getting worked on. Nice touches like a sarong to wear, ginger tea before and after, no rushing

Quinten & Anya, Brisbane, Australia

We came to Mandala for our honeymoon & it has been everything that we had hoped & more. We loved out stay here & do not want to leave. Thanks to all of the amazing staff who made out stay such a pleasure.

Truly, I don’t think words would do any justice trying to convey my experience here! During my stay for my 11 days Ultimate Detox program, I experienced healing, cleansing, refreshing & relaxing effects that exceeded my expectations. A magical rejuvenating experience for the whole body, mind & soul. I love[…]

Geraldine Dayang, N.Y, USA

My stay in my villa was wonderful! It is really a place for comfort & relaxation! The yoga classes were excellent and the people were all very friendly & ready with a smile. Thank you for making this place a paradise on earth! The hibiscus flowers in the room really[…]

YY Chen, Singapore

The villa is gorgeous with a fantastic view of the white beach from the pool! Highly recommended for couples / honeymoon trip! Great service from Mandala – with the exclusive private transfer to/fro airport and great room service. Quiet and peaceful retreat from the the noise and crowd in Station[…]

Charel Garcia, Maui, Hawaii

We’ve arrived and stumbled upon an eye-popping place. While walking into our room, my mouth opened automatically to drip the words “AMAZING”. The staff are simply gentle and kind with an attitude that makes you feel like you’ve come home because they leave a warm feeling. Makes you feel good[…]

Peter Daniel – Travel Magazine

The best experience ever. Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Santorini, and stayed at Santorini Resort, and it was a dream come true.