Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

Stella Arnaldo – Manila Standard, Manila

My first treatment at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas was the water dance…I was just lost in time and space. I didn’t know how long we were in the water. I just felt its warmth rushing against my skin and submitted to the gentle stretches of tired and aching muscles…Because[…]

Nang and Arlene – USA

Very tranquil and relaxing. All the staff was prompt and accommodating. Love the MSM and Watsu. Breakfast was a great way start to the day. Book spa treatments early to be sure you get what you want.

Gregoire Sanchez – Manila Night Life Magazine, Manila

Another Boracay. Experiencing the Mandala Spa & Resort Villas was like a journey elsewhere. Je suis parti des Champs Elysees de l’enter latin virgilien et ai trouve l’Olympe sacree des dieux grecs… Hardly have I experienced such a serene journey where my senses are one with the outer world. Professional[…]

Jane Cornelio-Arguelles What’s On & Expat Magazine, Manila

Pregnancy is a time when a woman needs more care, as her body demands more while it nourishes another life. Mandala Spa & Resort Villas proved great for this, they’re also sincere at what they do with their offer of a well-thought-out program for their pregnant clientele. A holiday at[…]

Catharine Nicol – AsiaSpa Magazine, HK

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas – aka Heaven. The Princess Treatment, for example, is an out of this world amount of pampering – four hours worth of foot scrub, body scrub, flower bath, wrap, massage and facial. I completely lost track of time, on a wonderful planet of my own[…]

Kanela Barton

Experience” is the word of choice. Practitioners don’t “do” Watsu, they “give” and “receive” Watsu. They say no two Watsus are the same; the experiences are unique to giver and receiver each time. People come in different sizes, shapes, ranges of motion, physical conditions, and mental states, but the water[…]

DJ Montano – Hotelier and restaurateur, The Philippine Star, Manila

The Shodhana Karma…made me feel like a million dollars… The chic treatment villas blended naturally with the green environment and were freshly ventilated to give each massage and treatment experience that extra oomph…Such simplicity and refinement was what I experienced while dining at Prana.

Foursses – Vancouver, Canada

I had 1.75 hours of massage, suctions cups and bamboo to my feet, only I fell asleep somewhere in the massage part and missed my feet getting worked on. Nice touches like a sarong to wear, ginger tea before and after, no rushing.

Gina Llanes – Metro Working Mom Magazine, Manila

Mandala has grown from being ‘Boracay’s best kept secret’ to a spa that aficionados say can rival those in Bali and Thailand. They are right…it is a spa, which truly indulges its clients, to the type of treatments offered… After my (Shodhana Karma) session, I was so zoned out, I[…]

Ria Romero – Lifestyle Asia Magazine, Manila

Your honey will definitely love you more if you surprise her with a gift of peace and harmony by booking her at the Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, a delectable sanctuary of serenity and enlightenment… From the moment you enter Mandala, your mood and feeling is changed, while a calm,[…]