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Last year, I had written a piece called “Get Away to Find Yourself” for my Working Mom column in the Inquirer. In it, I said I had found the key to a true vacation: it’s when you can get away and look within you, and reconnect with who you are and who you’ve become. Mandala Spa & Resort Villas’ Yoga Retreats, whether they be given by Mo-ching (Yip) or Karen (Reina), are Mom’s Escapes, through and through. If you’re ready to meet yourself and make peace with yourself, I urge you, book a weekend now.

Gina Abuyuan – Metro Working Mom, Manila
Since 2001, Mandala Spa & Resort Villas has been leading the way in innovative spa treatments and services. Mandala Spa is synonymous with integrity, experience and the passion that drives us, and continues to attract spa connoisseurs to the unique Mandala Spa experience. Each Mandala Spa experience is unique and personal. We address each one’s peculiar needs with a wide range of choices of spa offerings that not only deliver utmost relaxation and rejuvenation, but ultimately takes them on a unique journey of self-empowerment and an overall sense of well-being.
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Mandala Spa is a refuge of tranquility and serenity where one feels cradled by nature in utmost care. The idyllic hilltop tropical sanctuary is surrounded by an untouched natural landscape, built to sustain ecological balance and to provide a tropical haven that defines a true Boracay Island experience. We combine pampering and wellness through ancient Asian traditions with modern Western techniques while infusing the finest freshly-prepared natural ingredients for inner and outer rejuvenation that allows each client to journey within towards a lifestyle of wellness. An extensive training program ensures that every therapist provides the highest quality of professional spa service that is also known for its soulful connection. At Mandala Spa, expect a unique and life-changing experience that delivers personal care, quality of touch, excellent ingredients, holistic healing, and legendary service. We are committed to leading the way as a spa innovator, in touch with today’s needs.