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Habagat Spa Sale

Habagat Spa Sale”

Immerse in the healing wonders of nature.


Enjoy the serenity of Boracay’s cycle of rebirth while cradled in Mandala Spa’s soulful care. Allow us to entice your senses with restorative spa indulgences, as falling rain lulls you into blissful oblivion, washing your cares away.



Restore – Refresh – Rejuvenate


  • 10% discount on all massages
  • 15% discount on all body treatments
  • 20% discount on all treatment packages
  • 10% discount at THE COCOON Nail & Waxing Spa and at PRANA RESTAURANT



Use the Promo Code “Habagat Spa Sale”


Valid from June 1 to September 30, 2017.


For direct bookings only.

Not valid in conjunction with special promotions and other discounted offers.