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Events & Tips

  • Boracay is one competitive venue for the Asian Windsurfing Tour, with the weeklong Boracay International Funboard Cup competition usually being held in Bolabog Beach every January.
  • The well-known Ati-Atihan Festival also takes place every January in Kalibo in nearby Panay Island. A much smaller Ati-Atihan festival is celebrated on Boracay, usually in the second or third week of January.
  • Dragonboat races are held annually in Boracay under the auspices of the Philippine Dragonboat Federation, with teams coming from around the Philippines and from other Asian nations to compete. The races usually take place sometime in April or May.
  • SSince 2003, the Philippine Ultimate Association has been organizing the Boracay Open Asian Beach Ultimate Tournament (frisbee game) which is usually held during summer.
  • The Olympic Council of Asia has also announced that Boracay will host the 2014 Asian Beach Games.


  • If you are planning on hiking or biking, be sure to have comfortable walking shoes or well-fitting sandals. Otherwise thongs/flip flops will be fine for every day. For days on the beach, no shoes are necessary.
  • Hats, towels, sunglasses, etc. can all be purchased on the island if you didn’t bring your own. There is no need to bring mosquito repellant as there are plenty of shops here that sell it. The same goes for sunscreen – many good brands are now available.
  • There are at least 5 well-stocked pharmacies here, a couple of medical clinics and a hospital. You don’t need to bring things like paracetamol or anti-diarrhea medication as they are readily available here.
  • Mosquitos. If you are particularly prone to getting bitten, wear long pants in the evening, preferably in a light shade.
  • Nikniks or Sandfleas. They are hard to see and seem to be worse during the “rainy season (June-mid-November).” Because they are still present during the “dry season” you should always coat yourself with any kind of sun tan lotion or oil. Theses insects don’t seem to like or penetrate lotions, so use A LOT and constantly reapply. In the evening spray/apply some sort of insect repellent.
  • Geckos. You are bound to see these creatures if you visit Boracay. They are totally harmless and quite useful too, as they eat flies, moths and mosquitoes. Geckos are most active at night, and you’ll spot them scurrying across the walls and clustered around light bulbs, catching insects. They are very timid and usually run for cover when you approach them. The larger variety comes in unusual colors Green ones with orange and yellow spots, and even a blue one. They make a noise which sounds a little like the word ‘gecko’, which is how they got their name. Locals call them “tuko”, also after the sound they make.