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EMS Fitness Sessions




The only one in Boracay, EMS is a full body training exercise using impulse current that is ideal for fitness buffs to enhance fitness training with no strain on your joints and with highly effective results!

  • Muscle definition, strength & endurance
  • Visible body-contouring
  • Weightloss & reduced body fat
  • Slimmer waist, hips & abdominal girth
  • And more!

EMS is simply a selective intensification of external electrical stimuli. With EMS you achieve visible and tangible success in a very short time. The training is not painful or harmful to your body.

Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals.

  • Strength and Muscular Session (20mins)
  • Metabolism and Cellulite Session (25mins)


How it works:

In everyday life our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscle action. EMS uses this natural principle and is able to intensify this process to reach deeper muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional training. This is achieved by applying EMS electrodes to the skin directly above the muscle.

Lose Weight – Shape Up – Firm Up! 

Whatever your fitness level, studies have confirmed that ESM full body training effectively addresses your fitness needs, be it a narrow waist, defined muscles or less fat – all in just a few weeks of sessions!



  • Increased muscle formation and definition

Depending on intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive – your muscles simply become more efficient, up to 18 times more effective than a conventional fitness work-out at gym!

  • Increased maximum strength and endurance

With EMS training you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time. In fact, 20 minutes of EMS training is as effective as 3 training sessions of 90 minutes of a general weight work-out! Individual adjustment of intensity, duration and frequency helps achieve personal training goals quickly, effectively and consistently – whether to increase maximum strength or to improve endurance and overall fitness levels.

  • EMS is gentle on your joints

There is no strain on your joints as you don’t have to use any weights during your workout. EMS training is not dependent on weights or high impact training, so the risks of strain and injury are therefore greatly reduced which makes EMS training the ideal workout for older people or people with joint problems and injuries.

  • Compensation of muscular imbalances

Many people suffer from a muscular imbalance in their back, stomach or pelvis floor which often results in recurring back pain. With EMS training you can target specific problem areas and help strengthen weaker muscle groups to correct imbalances.

What to expect:

  • Visible body-contouring
  • Muscular firmness & toning
  • Reduced body fat by up to 4% within weeks
  • Slimmer waist and hips for women by up to 1.5cm
  • Reduced abdominal girth for men by up to 2.3cm
  • Muscle buildup of up to 2cm on the legs, upper arms & chest
  • Weightloss averageing 3.5kg and 9% body fat
  • Seniors over the age of 65 lose 6.8% of their abdominal fat and 6cm at the waist at “low training” level (30mins every five days)
  • Helps in the prevention of back pain and alleviates or reduces chronic back pain



ONLY PhP2,000 (Introductory Rate)

ONLY PhP1,000 (Community Rate)


By Appointment from 1pm to 5pm

(subject to availability)


Also available (By appointment):

Combat Sport trainer (boxing, kick boxing)

T: (+63 36) 288 5857 / 58

M: (+63 917) 634 8430


Feel the difference.