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A detox is a very personal approach to one’s dietary and lifestyle choices. It is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and to take a step back to assess their health, and to take a proactive and holistic approach to their wellbeing – not only to prevent disease, but also to empower oneself and take an active role in attaining the healthiest and most fabulous you. One of the many reason people come to Mandala Spa and Villas is to cleanse and detox their system of toxins that accumulate from modern lifestyles and environmental pollution. The detox process is very simple, and we have made it even simpler and more practical for those of you with limited time in Boracay Island and wish to integrate it with their beach holiday. Boracay residents have made the Mandala's One Day Detox and Flush a lifestyle choice, to renew that amazing sense of wellbeing.