Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

Detox Programs

One of the many reason people come to Mandala Spa and Villas is to cleanse and detox their system of toxins that accumulate from modern lifestyles and environmental pollution. The detox process is very simple. Our guests do not experience any hunger and report an amazing sense of wellbeing. You will lose weight, usually one to two pounds a day. We are preparing a personalized detox plans for every guest, based on the famous principles of Dr. Anderson's “Arise and Shine”.

3 Days: Detox Sampler

A detox diet is like spring-cleaning for your body. It will help you lose weight, have more energy and boost your immune system. Our 3-Day Sampler is specifically designed as a long weekend retreat for residents of the region who have limited time and are looking for a great deal. The Sampler focuses on detoxing treatments that are relaxing and specifically rejuvenating within a short period. This is your opportunity to have a quick vacation and at the same time improve your health and vitality in a snap. Although you won't purge a lifetime's worth of toxins during your sampler detox, you will have made a significant difference.
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  • 3 days/2 nights Garden Villa accommodations
  • Escorted round trip transfers (Boracay Airport Caticlan) for minimum of 2-nights stay
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Personalized detox plan and nutritional consultation
  • 1 Shodhana Karma spa treatment
  • 1 Dan Tien massage therapy
  • 1 Ear candling treatment
  • 1 manual colon irrigation (colema) to facilitate elimination
  • Daily, guided yoga
  • Free laundry service
  • 10% discount on all additional spa treatments


US$840++ (single)

US$1,155++ (double)

5 Days: Lasting Detox

Proponents of the five-day detox plan claim that in order to experience the health benefits of any diet, you must first remove the built-up toxins in your body. A pivotal point is the 36th hour, after which the actual cellular detoxification is activated and the lymphatic system starts moving substantial quantities of toxins. Your liver function is getting better by the day. Our addition of a little spa-glamour will leave you feeling pampered and specially rewarded. With our 5-day program you will have visibly lose weight, boosted your immune system and improve your overall health. This vacation is a good investment in your vitality with long lasting results.

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US$1,650++ (single)

US$2,270++ (double)

7 Days: New You

After 7 days the entire bloodstream has been cleansed. The powerful combination of special detox massages, yoga exercises, tonics and daily colon irrigation by now have a serious effect on your energy level and vitality. Everything is clearer. You don't only feel remarkably younger, you will also look younger. Average weight loss after one week is around 11 pounds, much of it belly fat, reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease. Your liver and kidney functions are rejuvenated, so is the function of each major organ and each major gland. You are on your way to a new internal and external you, the natural way.

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US$2,702++ (single)

US$3,969++ (double)