Mandala Spa & Resort Villas

Beach & Activities

Yapak. Situated along the island's northern end, this 800-meter beach is made up of puka shells bleached white in the sun. Relatively not crowded, the location gives you a feeling of remoteness.

White Beach. White Beach is the four-kilometer stretch of powdery white sand that extends along the western coast of the island that is considered one of the world's most beautiful beaches. The White Beach Path runs alongside White Beach, starting from Boat Station 1 and terminating by Boat Station 3. Most of the island's businesses are concentrated on this strip.

Balinghai. A tiny cove at the northern tip of the island, Balinghai is best approached from White Beach on a paraw (wooden sailboat with outriggers) particularly at sunset.

Diniwid. When you want to get away from the activity on White Beach, take an easy walk to Diniwid Beach. This 200-meter shoreline is accessible through a footpath cut into a rocky cliff.

Bolabog. If you come to Boracay during the monsoon season between December and March, the boat ride from Caticlan will take you here. While White Beach is situated on the western side of the island, Bolabog is located in the Eastern side.

Manoc-Manoc. Situated near the southernmost tip of the island, Manoc-Manoc Beach is a good place for swimming and a panoramic view of Caticlan against a backdrop of serenely blue mountains.

Activities and Attractions

Boracay may be a small island, but it offers a surprising variety of breathtaking scenery and activities that can be easily explored by walking, bicycle, motorbike, trekking or renting tricycles. The northern end of the island is quite mountainous with steep roads, plateaus and forest. Central Boracay, where most of the resorts are located and all other activities take place, is narrow and flat. The southern end of Boracay is hilly and ideal for hiking expeditions or mountain-bike tours. Below is a list of a few things you can do while in the island.

Sandcastles. If you are strolling on White Beach in the evening, you will come across these lovely sand sculptures. Boracay's children start building their fairytale castles in the late afternoon. By nightfall, these castles come to life as they light them up with little candles.

Yachting. Experience sailing aboard the beautiful 40-foot yacht Tamarind. Perfect for sunset trips and day cruises, our Front Office can make arrangements for a wonderful trip, complete with delicious food and drinks.

Outrigger boat sailing. Cruise the waves, go beach-hopping and bring your snorkeling gear for a tour of some of the best spots around the island on a native paraw (outrigger sailing boat). We can even arrange a wonderful picnic basket for a hearty meal and refreshing drinks. We highly recommended the Red Pirates skipper and boat.

Scuba Diving. There are many dive sites around Boracay for both beginners and experienced divers. Roughly 30 dive shops offer their services for the 20 or more dive sites within a 30-minute boat ride. Some of the dive shops explore also more distant dive sites even those as far as northern Palawan. Most of the Pacific Ocean fish species are residents around Boracay, including manta rays and turtles.

Golf. An 18-hole, 72 par golf course is located in the northern part of Boracay. The golf course was designed by Graham Marsh and is, according to golf enthusiasts, one of the most beautiful courses in the Philippines. We would be delighted to make reservations if you would like to go green.

Gyms. Several well-equipped gyms are located in the center of the island. We are more than happy to make arrangements for you.

Wellness. Boracay boasts of one of the best destination spas and wellness retreats not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. Mandala Spa has received many prestigious awards abroad for its different treatments. People from all over the world come to Boracay just for the Mandala Spa experience.

Yoga. Boracay's climate and slow-paced environment is ideal for meditation and learning yoga. The island boasts of several internationally-acclaimed yoga teachers as residents offering private as well as public classes. Mandala Spa and Villas offers daily morning yoga classes for resort guests and daily afternoon classes for the public. They also offer yoga retreats and holidays.

Massage lessons (Zen Touch). Mandala Spa and Villas guests can enjoy private massage lessons that teach you and your partner the basic principles of touch.

Horseback Riding. Explore parts of the island away from the usual tourist trail on friendly native horses. All levels of experience are catered for.

Mountain Biking and Hiking. Exploring the island on a mountain bike or on foot is not only healthy, but also one of the best ways to discover out-of-the-way places in the island.

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. Bolabog Beach, on the eastern side of central Boracay, comes alive during the early months of the year when triggered by the Northeast Monsoon when windsurfers and kiteboarders skim and compete through its waters. During the Southwest Monsoon, when the wind changes direction, these same windsurfers and kite boarders move to White Beach.

Aqua Sports. Boracay's White Beach is a virtual paradise for aqua sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, jet skiing, parasailing and skimboarding among others. Very popular are the banana-boat and fly fish rides.

Beach Sport Activities. The White Beach is a perfect place for beach activities. Beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis, and Frisbee are widely and spontaneously played, especially in the late afternoon. Anyone is welcome to join in and play for fun.

Shopping. Exploring Boracay's many shops and outdoor malls at one's leisure is a fascinating and unique shopping experience. From widely available beach items, to jewelry made from shells and pearls, handmade lamps, antiques, native woodcarvings and sarongs, one can find all of that along the beach path of White Beach or in one of the open-air malls.

Markets. Boracay's exotic market life takes place today at two outdoor malls a little bit north and south of Boat Station 2. Both are easily accessible from White Beach and from the main road. The northern D'Mall has an upscale part with furniture and artistic handicrafts, a vegetable and fish department and a restaurant square. The new market south of Boat Station 2 called D'Talipapa offers visitors exotic sights and impressions of local seafood, meat, vegetables and other delicacies as well as many souvenirs shops.

Mount Luho. This is the highest elevation on Boracay Island 100 meters above sea level. For the uninitiated, it can be an excruciating ascent but definitely worth the view. Once you reach the crest, a little kiosk serves cold water and soft drinks and one can take a rest in one of the hammocks between the trees, overlooking the central and southern part of Boracay.

Bat Caves. The bat caves are found on the Northeast coast of Yapak. The cave is the home of the cave bats and the surrounding trees are the home of the giant fruit bats whose wingspan reach up to four feet. The fruit bats fly regularly at twilight for their nocturnal hunt for food. Naturalists, photographers, spelunkers and brave souls willing to bear the intense stench in the cave can hire local guides — usually young children from the village — to lead them through the jungle paths to the caves. Environmentalists, however, would rather leave the fruit bats to their daytime sleep and wait for the sunset at White Beach as hundreds, sometimes thousands, of bats take their nocturnal flight right over their heads.

Dead Forest. The dead forest is located at the southern end of Bolabog Beach. It is an abandoned fishpond with whitened branches of dead mangroves reaching out of the dark water. The dams of the fishpond were destroyed by big waves decades ago and the fishpond with its mighty mangroves was flooded with seawater. The effect is impressive and ideal for photography.