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At Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, you can expect authentic holistic wellness as you surrender to any of our signature award-winning treatments. Recognized globally as one of Asia’s finest spa resorts and notably the country’s quintessential wellness provider and spa brand to contend with, Mandala Spa & Resort Villas is renowned for its sophisticated award-winning spa treatments, holistic & alternative healing modalities, elegant facilities, responsible and environmental business practices, healthy cuisine and legendary service.

Hilot Trilogy

award-winning-treatments-hilot Mandala Spa’s Hilot Triogy pays tribute to Philippine heritage, celebrating the Philippines’ unique and strong cultural identity and recognizing the indigenous Filipino healing modalities and traditional rituals known as Hilot. Combined with Mandala’s soulful care and masterful technique, the result is a refined and brand new approach to traditional Filipino healing.

Based on the Philippines' traditional healing system known as Hilot, Mandala Spa's Hilot Trilogy has profound and enduring benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

It begins with Hihilaan where coconut oil is applied to strips of banana leaves, which are then used to identify areas of imbalance in the physiology. Bentosa, a traditional technique of vacuum cupping is then applied. The vacuum cup is gently moved over affected areas to rebalance the body's heat and energy flow. The journey continues with the combination of long and deep strokes of Hilot, an ancient Filipino therapeutic form of massage. The finish, Dagdagay, is a therapeutic foot massage using two bamboo sticks to stimulate the soles of the feet to balance and boost the body's immune system. The finest 100% extra virgin coconut oil, renowned for its powerful rejuvenating, anti-aging and cleansing properties, is lavishly applied over the entire body throughout the treatment.

1 hour and 45 minutes. Php4,300++

It is important for us to maintain a restful and relaxing atmosphere for all our guests and in this regard we accept children 15 years and above.

It was a true experience, one moment memorable like a composition.

Liron Court Aurilica (France)

(A very) unique Filipino spa experience.

Stephanie Arquisola (Philippines)

Shodhana Karma

award-winning-treatments-shodhana-karmaInspired by the ancient Indian system of natural health care Ayurveda, this gentle 3-part ritual promotes healing and rejuvenation by removing environmental toxins from the body.

Part One:

Shodhana Karma starts with a traditional footbath and a Mandala Signature Massage using cold-pressed sesame oil, herbalized with Calamus root powder. The molecules of cold-pressed sesame oil are smaller than those of our red blood cells, so the oil is able to penetrate the blood stream, attract oil-soluble environmental toxins, and dislodge them consequently from body tissue. Calamus root powder improves energy and is said to be helpful during times of emotional exhaustion.

Part Two:

Following the massage is asauna ritual (swedana), which integrates several sauna cycles, aromatherapy, and herbal tonics to further aid in the elimination of environmental pollutants from the body through perspiration. Through exposure to sauna heat, the immune system is stimulated and the endocrine glandular functions are regulated. Ginger is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of tonics used in this endeavor. The Rosemary oil used in the sauna water, on the other hand, has a stimulating and invigorating effect.

Part Three

The treatment closes with the removal of the impurities through the Ubvartan springtime body scrub - a gentle exfoliation process, using only traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. The properties of the oil blend are chosen to balance the emotions and to restore mental and physical equilibrium. Sandalwood connects us to our soul, geranium is emotionally balancing, cardamom alleviates hypertension, and lemongrass is a kidney tonic.

2 hours and 30 minutes. Php7,400++

It is important for us to maintain a restful and relaxing atmosphere for all our guests and in this regard we accept children 15 years and above.

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The Shodhana Karma…made me feel like a million dollars… The chic treatment villas blended naturally with the green environment and were freshly ventilated to give each massage and treatment experience that extra oomph…Such simplicity and refinement was what I experienced while dining at Prana.

DJ Montano – Hotelier and restaurateur, The Philippine Star, Manila


Watsu_BoracayMandala Spa & Resort Villas is the only place in the Philippines where one can experience the highly specialized Watsu treatment. Our Watsu therapists are certified by Karen Villarica-Neff, the only certified Watsu instructor in Asia. This 30 or 50-minute water treatment allows one to enter a very deep state of relaxation as one surrenders to the universe while cradled and nurtured in water. For those who have tried it, it is an incredible experience!

Enter a very deep state of relaxation as you surrender to the universe while cradled and nurtured in our specially heated pool. Gentle rocking movements, stretches and nurturing support in the arms of the giver convey to receivers the peace and simplicity of their earliest states, allowing physical and emotional blockages to be gently released. Above all, Watsu is deeply relaxing, guided by a philosophy of gentleness, complete acceptance, and unconditional love.

This entrancing and unique experience is for everyone, the very young, adolescent, the elderly, pregnant, athletes, those suffering from stress, and is very beneficial for a variety of orthopedic conditions.

50 minutes. Php4,000++

Experience” is the word of choice. Practitioners don’t “do” Watsu, they “give” and “receive” Watsu. They say no two Watsus are the same; the experiences are unique to giver and receiver each time. People come in different sizes, shapes, ranges of motion, physical conditions, and mental states, but the water equalizes it all. Watsu givers report, they receive as many positive benefits while giving as receiving.

Kanela Barton